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Red Cross vehicles at Clive Daniel Warehouse in Ft. Myers.

Not Business as Usual

September 25, 2017, Ft. Myers, FL

The last week has not been business as usual for local furniture store owner, Daniel Lubner. Like many other families and businesses, Hurricane Irma put local furniture company Clive Daniel Home on hold as its employees and customers rode out the storm.

The store owners made a commitment to continue paying their workers despite the historic disaster, taking care of their employees whether or not the work was there. But what happened next was unexpected for most businesses.

Daniel’s employees told the management that if they were going to get paid, they were going to work. As soon as the storm passed, Clive Daniel employees immediately leapt into action helping their neighbors and cleaning up the community.

Red Cross vehicles at Clive Daniel Warehouse in Ft. Myers.

When the Clive Daniel showroom didn’t lose power, they saw another way to help.

“Our showroom in Naples didn’t lose power so we turned it into a shelter,” said Daniel. “When school was out, it turned into a daycare. It was a place where the linemen could go for snacks and water.”

When they heard that the Red Cross was looking for a warehouse to use and weren’t having much luck finding one, they saw the perfect opportunity to help in another way.

Clive Daniel opened its Ft. Myers warehouse doors to the Red Cross as a place to store relief supplies. Soon, Red Cross emergency response vehicles from around the nation poured into the warehouse to help distribute clean-up kits, mops, rakes, tarps, bleach and more into the communities hit hardest by Irma. Not only did they donate the warehouse space, but Clive Daniel drivers and trucks jumped in to support the Red Cross relief operation, helping to deliver these supplies.


“We took a page from the Red Cross and asked, ‘How can we use our resources to help our community?’ ” said Daniel.

Through it all, the Clive Daniel team has remained humble and grateful, constantly thanking the Red Cross volunteers that dropped everything to help Floridians in need.

“What strikes me is, you got a guy, Dave, in the warehouse,” said Daniel. “He’s been working since before the hurricane happened. He’s a retired veteran who is running circles around the rest of us. So when you see that kind of commitment, it’s inspiring.”

“It’s been a life-changing experience. We were believers before and now even more so. It’s great to have an organization where you take the willingness to volunteer and focus and direct it to immediately benefit those who are in need.”

As a local Florida business, Clive Daniel is no stranger to the impacts of hurricanes. They understand that the road to recovery will be a long one for the thousands of families that experienced the wrath of Irma.

“Unfortunately, we’ve been through these hurricanes before. So we know there’s immediate needs and long-term needs,” said Daniel. “We’re going to continue to do what we can to help out. It’s not business as usual.”


Making a Difference on #GivingTuesday


Giving is an opportunity.  You get to give.

On this Giving Tuesday, our family of donors and supporters will have the opportunity to donate to the Red Cross enabling us to extend a helping hand and make a significant difference.   Get excited, and get ready to give something that will truly mean something. On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, people from around the world—charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students— will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.”

Generosity, love, and concern of our neighbors to make positive changes in our community has been a part of the Red Cross culture for years. No matter your sex, race, or creed, the Red Cross works to “prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies.” Our mission is powered by “the mobilization of volunteers and the generosity of our donors.” Without volunteers or donors, the Red Cross cannot help those in need.

Last year, as part of Giving Tuesday, more than 10,000 organizations in 46 countries came together to celebrate this day. Join us in changing the lives of people in need for the better! For every dollar donated to the American Red Cross, 91 cents are used to fulfill our humanitarian mission. Most recognize the Red Cross for our disaster relief efforts on a national level, but we also provide support to our neighbors. Last year, the American Red Cross responded to more than 52,000 home fires. By giving to the Red Cross, you are helping to make this important work possible.


This year, grab your holiday to-do list, mark down Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 and get ready to give something that means something. We’re counting on you to join us on Giving Tuesday. Let’s make it a holiday season worth remembering.

Join us in the #GivingTuesday conversation on Facebook and Twitter and tell us how you plan to help the Red Cross change lives.

So long, farewell, Hurricane Season!

Saying ‘Goodbye’ can sometimes be sad and heartbreaking, but when it comes to the end of Hurricane Season (June 1 – November 30) we definitely can’t say that we’re sorry to see it go. In fact, we’d like to wish it a good riddance and ask that it never return…but we know that won’t happen, which is why we remain ready for disasters year-round (and want you to remain prepared as well). After all, hurricanes can still occur in the off-season and as we approach colder weather many states face the challenges of winter storms.

Although we were fortunate to not be hit here in Florida this year, our friends to to north weren’t as lucky when Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee came barreling towards the East Coast. But in true Red Cross neighbor-helping-neighbor fashion, almost 100 local volunteers from our Palm Beaches-Treasure Coast Region left the comfort of their homes to go help those in need during the aftermath of the storms.

And truly, that is what we are all about here at the Red Cross: responding to where the need is greatest, whether it’s down the street or across the country or around the world. If you’d like to see highlights of the 2011 hurricane season, tune in to a video on the NOAA website.

Updates from the Field: Pennsylvania flooding

From across the Palm Beaches Treasure Coast Region, 38 local volunteers have gone out to help with the massive Red Cross relief efforts in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas where flood waters and wildfires have inundated entire communities.

Jill Masters, a local volunteer and staff member (and one of the chief updaters of this wonderful blog!), recently headed out for her 1st deployment in Hazleton, PA where the swollen Susquehanna River and its tributaries flooded many of the nearby communities. Jill sent us this photo update from her work in the field today, a heartbreaking image that shows the extensive water damage throughout the neighborhood. The “mud lines” on the dresser mark how high the waters rose inside nearby homes, a visual reminder of the devastating effects of the flood.

Photo by Jill Masters/American Red Cross

Since late august, when Hurricane Irene first made landfall, the Red Cross has been on the ground working to help those affected. To give a quick snap shot of the type of help the Red Cross is providing we’ve complied the following update:

If you would like to help the Red Cross meet the needs of those recovering from the floods and wildfires, you can support us by volunteering or donating. Either way, check out www.redcross.org to find more!