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South Florida Volunteer: Flood waters receed in Minot

I’m wrapping up my second week in Minot, ND. The flood waters have receded substantially thanks to the hot weather and the water pumping that the city has been doing.

Flood waters slowly receed in Minot, ND

Flood waters slowly receed in Minot, ND

I’ve been working with the damage assessment team and we’ve finished our detailed damage reports. Thankfully, we have been able to create street sheets for almost all of Minot and Burlington, the neighboring city. But it was challenging because water was more than 6 feet high in many places.

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Day 3: Local Red Cross staffer across the country in NC

10:00 a.m. –  If you go back and look at our blog post on April 6, you’ll see an image of a map. The map shows all of the 13 states where the American Red Cross has responded to severe weather events since March 28.

Now, just a few weeks after our original post – and less than a month since March 28 – you’ll see the now 20 states where the Red Cross has been responding:

Although tragic disasters like floods, tornadoes and fires are oftentimes unpredictable,  the Red Cross response remains a constant. Across the nation Red Cross members are providing food, shelter, emotional support and essential relief supplies to the people and communities affected.

We’ll be updating with more pictures later today as our local Red Cross member, Joe Hansen, continues his work in response to the North Carolina tornadoes.