Ready When the Time Comes

It Starts with the Desire to Help People in Need

Ready When the Time Comes® (RWTC) is an American Red Cross corporate and community volunteer program.  It is designed to tap into corporate America’s expertise and the desire of community organizations to help people in need.

RWTC volunteer teams from a range of companies were part of the Red Cross response to disasters, such as Home Fires, Floods, Hurricanes and countless other crisis. The Red Cross trains employees from these partnering organizations and mobilizes them as a community-based volunteer force.


The RWTC program provides a complete system for recruiting, training and activating volunteer teams—placing them in critical support functions during the disaster cycle (prepare, respond and recover).

Depending on the event, volunteers who take part in the program will serve as a team or individually based on their personal schedules. Team members will be able to manage their own schedules and customize their personal volunteer experience. Companies only need to commit to a half-day volunteer training and allow employees to serve as Red Cross volunteers.

Since its launch in 2000, RWTC has trained 14,000 volunteers from more than 460 businesses and organizations. The program has also been established in all critical disaster zones across the country.


The program allows organizations to give back to the community by empowering employees to act as disaster-relief volunteers during disasters as well as supporting the Red Cross mission through a diverse array of programs and services.

Companies participating in RWTC enjoy the following benefits:

  • An efficient turn-key way to involve your company and your employees in responding to critical local needs
  • Multiple and varied ways for people to be engaged in the community
  • Opportunity for employees to learn new knowledge and skills
  • Visible alignment with one of the most respected organizations in the country

RWTC Engaging in the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign HFPC

The Fire Preparedness Campaign is a nationwide effort by the Red Cross and partners, in collaboration with local fire departments and aligned with existing preparedness initiatives, to convene community coalitions and mobilize resources to save lives and reduce injuries from home fires. Ready When the Time Comes is an ideal partner to engage in this initiative. See below for resources about RWTC and HFPC.

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