Sleeves Up, Hearts Open, All In …with IKEA-Miami!

By Kelly Henry, Services to the Armed Forces Specialist, American Red Cross


A colorful towel and washcloth, a rain poncho, snacks, and a bottle of water all carefully packed in a lightweight, waterproof backpack – now multiply that by 100 and you have the results of IKEA’s volunteer teamwork in support of this month’s community service project.

A group of IKEA-Miami employees gathered together this morning and made quick work of packaging these items for homeless veterans in the South Florida area.

Their donation to the American Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces program will provide needed items in a useful carrying case.

Their support to our humanitarian mission, kind effort and valuable contribution are a tangible signs of how IKEA cares for our community.


Team IKEA-Miami (L-R): Claudia Lascano, Marketing Manager; Segio Cifuentes, Logistics Manager; Jasmine Sutton, Cookshop Co-worker; Lars Svemark, Sales Manager; Kelly Henry, Services to the Armed Forces Specialist, American Red Cross; Noelani Luna, Sales & Supply Support Specialist; Yolima Soto, Cookshop Co-worker; Christina Muniz, Operations Manager, and Kevin Campbel, Con & In Manager. 

Some of the volunteers this morning had a direct military connection – Noelani “Lani” Luna (far-left below) is a Navy veteran and Jasmine Sutton (third from L-R above), is the proud daughter of an Air Force retiree. They know better than most the challenges of military service and were especially happy to participate in this service project. To Lani and Jasmine, our deepest appreciation for their service.


This was the third year IKEA has partnered with the American Red Cross to donate care kits. The corporate generosity of in-kind donations coupled with the efforts of their team made this happen. The partnership helps the Red Cross to support the homeless population at local Veterans Administration healthcare facilities and Homeless Stand Down events.



Service to the Armed Forces takes many shapes – helping families through deployment and reconnecting afterwards with resiliency workshops, Red Cross volunteers in place at military and VA medical facilities across the country and around the world, as well as 24/7 global emergency communication services to name just a few.


The Red Cross helps members of the military, veterans and their families prepare for, cope with, and respond to, the challenges of military service.

Being able to deliver care kits to our homeless veterans, thanks to corporate partners like IKEA, is one more way that the American Red Cross can serve our military community. A huge thank you to IKEA-Miami and their teams across the country for making it happen.



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