Honoring Our Own on Veterans Day

Story and photos by Roberto Baltodano for the American Red Cross.

South Florida Red Cross volunteers Alain Gutierrez and George Doughty share a unique story of patriotism, commitment and a love for humanitarian work. They were born, grew up and in their teens joined the military on opposite sides of the world, not knowing what life – and the Red Cross had in store for them.

Alain was born to French parents in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (West Africa), and at the start of the Chadian-Libyan conflict, was drafted by the French for his 3-year national service. After basic training, Alain joined and for the next 10 years served with the French Special Forces or 1er Régiment de Parachutistes d’Infanterie de Marine, 1er R.P.I.Ma before retiring in 1980, when he went on to work as Logistics Specialist for a French government contractor in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. This would bring him closer to George, and the Red Cross.


Pau, France 1965 – Alain’s first Paratrooper jump  (Front, Second to last L-R).

George was born in Long island, NY. In 1953 he joined the U.S. Air Force and the next year was deployed to Inchon, Korea, where he served with the 25th Air Defense Command as a Fighter Jet Mechanic specialized in Air Structure and Hydraulics. Upon completion of his tour in Korea, George returned to Portland AFB where he served with the 503rd Air Defense Group (or Material Squadron). In 1970 he joined the ARMY reserves as a Transportation Specialist. This would bring him closer to Alain, and the Red Cross.


Sergeant Doughty.

Alain and George graduated as non-commissioned Officers, and based on merit, were promoted to Lieutenant and Sergeant respectively. During their military careers, both men specialized in Logistics, and on that capacity, in 1990 were deployed to serve as part of the American-led coalition in Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield (Gulf War).

While deployed in Saudi Arabia, Alain served as a french civilian contractor responsible for offloading and evacuating equipment off the port as soon as it arrived. George was with the 1569th Light Medium Transportation Battalion, supporting the 18th Airborne, 82nd Airborne and the 24th Infantry by hauling the heavy military equipment to the front lines.


Troupe De Marine Lieutenant Gutierrez, Alain (L) and U.S.A.F. Sergeant, Doughty George (R)(2016)

During the first Gulf War, Alain and George worked in the same theater of operations for almost a year, but it was while volunteering as Logistics Specialists for the Red Cross’ Hurricane Matthew response that they finally met. While helping move supplies to the many shelters that were opened across South Florida, these two soldiers realized they had one important mission in common: A desire to help when needed most.

On veterans day we honor and celebrate all of our men and women in uniform — those who served and continue to serve, our partners, staff and volunteers who have served our nation and fought to protect our freedoms.

At its core, the Red Cross mission is about people — the people we serve, and the people who serve with us. Our partners, staff and volunteers are humble servants, many of them veterans who come to this work with an open heart and a passion for helping others.

They are people like Alain and George, and those listed below. We thank you all for your service, and for choosing the American Red Cross to continue to serve your country and your community.


Adams, Chris Garcia, Jacob Neal, Sabrina
Albero, Carl Garland, Gael Newhouse, Brian
Altidor, Samuel Goldberg, Carol Nye, Richard
Amell, Gary Gonzalez, Faith Obeidy, A Andrew
Aram, Paul Goodall, Al Oconnor, Kevin
Archangel, Alicia-Nicole Gorny, Michael O’Hearon, Julie
Armbrust, Mary Green, Justin Ohleyer, Lawrence
Arnold, Lorraine Guglielmino, Brad O’Rourke, Christopher
Arnott, Kaitlynn Gullo, Angeline Ortiz, Carlos
Artola, Richard Gutierrez, Alain Owens, Eston
Baldelomar, Joe Halleran, Paul Pagan-Alsina, Rafael
Ballard, John Handy, Victoria Palermo, Dianne
Ballard, Leonard Hanseder, James Palmer, Jill
Bayer, Stephen Harbaugh, John Parish-Ramon, Rose
Becerra, Jaime Harris, Frank Pekar, William
Beck, Julie Hauser, Vincent Perez-mccown, Marilyn
Bell, Daisy Hawley, David Petrescu, Ashley
Bellucci, Ben Hernandez, Arnaldo Phillips, Betty
Benitez, Charles Hernandez, Tzaicel Pittman, John
Bernier, Wade Herrero, Jorge Polese, Joseph
Bibeau, Ellen Hill, Barbara Polkinghorne, Paige
Blum, Ilyssa Hill, Rory Porter, Barry
Bocock, Miranda Hixson, Brian Pratt, Cherise
Boderck, Vernae Huffman, Kathleen Price, Bryon
Bogle, Annette Hughes, Edward Pringle, Katrina
Bravo, Cristina Hughes, Michael Purdy, Gary
Bridgman, John Hughley, Travis Quinn, Sally
Brodeur, L. Phillippe Hungerford, Harry Quinones, Amber
Broskus, Nancy Hylton, Dionne Rall, Leonard
Brown, Annie Iglesias, Brandon Ramon, Cathryn
Brown, Anthony Irwin, Alison Reibold, Robert
Brown, Bethanie James, Melva Remelius, Matthew
Bruzdowski, William Janto, Armund Rico, Raquel
Bunting, Danielle Jimenez, David Rios, Vivian
Burdick, Jayne Jimenez, Steve Robinson, Robert
Burkett, Wayne Johnson, Janica Rodriguez, Alejandro
Cafouras, Jason Johnson, Luecinda Rodriguez, Kasie
Camacho, Evette Johnson, Martelle Rodriguez, Sergio
Capp, Bob Jones, Walter Rojas, Daniel
Cartagena, Madelyn Kaszuk, Melinda Romero, Beatriz
Cartwright, Jan Kelley, Karen Rosa, Melvin
Chapin, Kenneth Kennedy, Tiffany Rose, Rachelle
Chapman, R. Michael King, Richard Ruiz, Sara
Clarke, Dominique Kirk, David Ruy, Daniel
Clinton, Louie Kleeman, Francis Ryan, Patricia
Colliton, John LaBounty, Heather Sacca, Nicholas
Cordoba, Veronica LaBrecque, Amy Schiff, Ruby
Cortorreal, Amada Lans, Daniela Schoner, Ron
Cosgrove, Dennis Larison, Royce Scott, Donovan
Cruz, Andres Lauer, Wesley Sementelli, Anthony
Cuesta Rodriguez, Lizandra Lewanski, Michael Senda, Mark W.
Daniel, Esther Lewanski, Ruth Shurts, Robert
Darner, Patrick Lima, Marisol Silver, Howard
Davidson, Jon Lindahl, Michelle Smith, Katherine
Deaza, Aaliyah Lipnick, Melissa Smutnick, David
DeCastro, Lisa Lipscomb, Rebecca Snyder, Fred
Diaz, Martha Litsky, Helen Speed, Gaenor
Diaz, Wilfredo Logan, G. Jean Spitz, Thomas
DiBattista, Vincent Logan, Kimberly Steenburg, Maggie
Dolce, Erline Lohse, Gleason Sterling, Cinthea
Dominique, Cynthia Lopez del Castillo, Melissa Stewart, Sylvia
Donovan, Michael Lopez, Isabella Stewart, Syreeta
Doughty, George Lopez, Jose Stroud, Amy
Dubose, John Lopez-Solorzano, Nestor Talbert, Miguel
Dumaine, Pierre Lukas, Patricia Taylor, Aleshia
Duncan, Duane Lynch, Thomas Testman, Faatimah
Dunn, Rachael Madden, Chalee Thorne, Julian
Dweck, David Maharajh, Devi thurston, catherine
Eck Czarnecki, Christine Malpica, Stephanie Timblin, Gloria
Edwards, Kimberly Mapp, Gary Torres, Brian
Elmer, Paul Marino, Bobbi Turner, Alicia
Encalada, Hoysse Martin, Jonathan Turner, Glyn
Erstein, Paul Matusiak, Robert Tyrrell, Margaret
Espinoza II, Espy Maurat, Masha Van, Kamilah
Esposito, Colleen Mayweather, Randolph Velasquez, Joseph
Fanska, Emiel McConnachie, Robert Vigil, Desiree
Farrell, Judy McElwee, Justin Vigoreaux, Jose
Fay, Sean McGowan-Sewell, Ashley Voronov, Vladimir
Felix, Seymie Mcgrath, David Wade, Carl
Fernandez, Kylie McHale, Edmund Walker, Ronnie
Fields, William McLeary, Kerry-Ann Wallace, Julianne
Figueroa, Hector Merrell, Michael Walton, John
Flaherty, Martin Mike, Bianca Watson, Melissa
Fleener, Tacy Milia, Mark Weber, Lou
Fleurijean, Stacey Miller, Michael West, Holly
Fontela, Wendy Morales, Angela Whitney, Patricia
Foss, Tiffany Morales, Fany Willenborg, Cynthia
Frank, Keenan Moreschi, Albert Williams, Jade
Frank, Lana Morris, David Wolcott, Thomas
Frier, Richard Morris, Diana Woody, Daryl
Frierson, James Mou, Hafsa Young, Al
Fries, Elizabeth Murnan, Ashley Young, John
Gaitan, Cinthia Nash-Wade, Judy Young, Zachary

The above data was collected from Volunteer Connection as of 11-09-16


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