Do it Right Mike! The story of a life saved


I saved a life.

That is the testimony of Mike Doyle, a staffer at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa.  Doyle was trained and certified in Red Cross CPR.  Although the certification was mandatory, nothing could have prepared him for the day he’d actually save the life of a complete stranger named Adrian Gram.

Watch the Do It Right Mike video here.

“While at the opening reception, I aspirated on a piece of turkey. While I thought I was going to be able to cough and dislodge it, I was wrong,” recalled Adrian Gram a guest at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa.

“When I got up from the table the wait staff thought I was getting sick and was there to help me. When I realized I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t cough,  and I couldn’t make a sound —  I knew I was in trouble. Mike Doyle, one of the exceptional staff members was right there. He followed his training perfect, (he) asked if I was choking and immediately began the Heimlich. After a few attempts, Mike was able to successful save my life, Mike I can’t thank you enough” said Gram.

Mike’s heroic efforts prompted his colleagues to lovingly nickname him Mr. “Do it Right Mike”.

“I’m like — I’m not ‘Do it Right Mike’. I tell everybody if it wasn’t for the training, it would’ve been a different outcome. With the great training my instincts jumped in without even thinking and it just worked out perfectly. It’s just another day at work I just did what anyone else would do in the same situation if they had the training.

Mike Doyle is a Red Cross Everyday Hero, thanks Mike.

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