Red Cross Offers Tips for a Safe, yet Spooky Halloween

Hurricane Sandy 2012

Halloween’s greatest hazards aren’t ghouls and goblins, but falls, costume mishaps and traffic accidents, so the Red Cross is offering the following 10 Halloween Safety tips:
1. Look for flame-resistant costumes.
2. Plan the Trick-or-Treat route.
3. Make sure the Trick-or-Treaters have a flashlight.
4. Visit only the homes that have a porch light on.
5. Masks that cover the eyes can make it hard to see; use face paint instead.
6. Walk only on the sidewalks, not in the street.
7. Be cautious around strange animals, especially dogs. Homeowners should restrain their pets as they welcome trick-or-treaters.
8. Make sure the outdoor lights are on and sweep leaves from the sidewalks and steps.
9. Clear the porch or front yard of any obstacles that a child could trip over.
10. Use a glow stick instead of a candle in the jack-o-lantern to avoid a fire hazard.

Visit for year round safety tips.

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