Red Cross Volunteers Attend 9/11 Memorial Service in Ft. Lauderdale


Today, we remember those we lost and honor all who stood to lend a helping hand.  Debbie Sapp, a Red Cross Volunteer, shared these thoughts and photos following the 9/11 service.

A Moment Never Forgotten

On this day 13 years ago September 11, 2001, I was in my car driving through Hollywood, Florida. When I heard that a plane had just flown into the Tower in New York City.


At that time, I wasn’t sure about the significance of the Twin Towers. I called my husband who works for a bank in Miami and I asked him if he had heard of the Twin Towers. Of course he had and when I told him that a plane had crashed into one of the towers he said “Yeah right, no way!”

Pretty soon it was clear that the country was under attack. The feeling I had then is the same feeling I get every anniversary. Today I felt honored to attend the memorial service at the Ft Lauderdale Fire Department Museum.


It was a very emotional remembrance of those who had risked their lives to save others. Just as the program was to begin a plane flew over the ceremony.


From the time the event began — the color guard presenting, to seeing the faces of all the firefighters, police personal, rescue workers, coast guard, government officials, even several flight attendants — it was such a poignant moment.



A local Girl Scouts Troop came as well; some of whom were not even born when the attack took place. One of the Scouts sang the National Anthem. She sang like an angel. It was so hard to hold back tears as the memorial ceremony commenced. It takes you back to that day.


Each anniversary is an opportunity to reflect and honor those who lost their lives. I am so proud to be an American more today than ever.


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