Meet Roger, a Red Cross Volunteer from Canada!

It was a few weeks ago when Lissette Varela in Volunteer Management received a call from a young man.  It was Roger Housser on the other line.  Turns out — Houser, a Red Cross volunteer in Canada was looking for a seasonal home in South Florida. He contacted the chapter in Miami & The Keys to insure his dedication to the organization continued despite his move.

Today, Roger made good on his intentions. He visited the chapter, and we’re told he came bearing gifts.

“He had goodies too,” said Varela.  Oh, he brought some treats from Canada?

“Well, they were Red Cross goodies — pins and stuff like that!” Nice.

As a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross he specializes in Transportation Services. As a passionate Red Crosser, Roger reminds us that we are one Red Cross!

You too can volunteer by clicking here!


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