J’Mari & Friends Promote Water Safety

J'Mari & Friends

J’Mari & Friends founder, Shirley Harold, with The Red Cross

The American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim program was forefront at the First Annual J’Mari & Friends Water Smart Showcase in a crucial effort to promote water safety for parents and caregivers of young people learning to swim.  In March of 2008, two-year-old J’Mari drowned in a swimming pool.  After his death his great-grandmother, Shirley Harold, has worked tirelessly to promote Red Cross swimming classes, Red Cross CPR lessons, and layers of protection to prevent drowning.

“The Red Cross has been a great instrument in helping J’Mari & Friends spread the word on water safety and CPR lessons  we are so blessed  to have an organization like the Red Cross in our community,” said  Shirley Harold, founder of J’Mari  &  Friends.

“Learning how to swim and knowing CPR is so important, especially in South Florida.  The Red Cross teaches us how to be safer in, on, around the water, and how to properly respond in case of emergencies. Our Learn-To-Swim program is available in every community,” said Patrick Beason, Red Cross Territory Aquatics Specialist. 

The Red Cross with J'Mari & Friends

The Red Cross with J’Mari & Friends

The Red Cross Swim app allows iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire users to track their child’s progress in Red Cross swim lessons and help children learn the key skills and goals for each swim level.   Parents can create a profile for each child, sharing achievements and badges with family and friends on social networks. Children can have fun learning water safety tips with the child-friendly videos and quizzes in the app. For more information about the Red Cross swim app visit  http://www.redcross.org/mobile-apps/swim-app.

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