Eyes Wide Open brings healing and support for Sandy

Silvia with Eyes Wide Open (a local Wellness and Awareness Center) held an interesting fundraiser for the Sandy Relief. Silvia donated the skills and talents of her staff to raffle off Reiki Sessions, Massages, books, candles and so much more.

During the event, you could buy a $10 raffle ticket which would get you a Reiki session or massage during the event. You could also buy $1 raffle tickets which would get you a variety of other items being sold that night.

Many people had Reiki performed and a lot of people got relaxing massages.  Towards the end of the night, there were still items left on the tables, so Silvia and her team thought to raffle off the items.

Everyone who bought a raffle during the night was put into a basket. Like a typical raffle, names were pulled and people won items.  A lot of people received healing and mediation books and CDs along with so many other items that were all donated for the event.

With each new item the staff really sold that item by telling people their chances of winning the item would go up if they buy more tickets to put into the basket. Many people throughout the night would buy additional raffle tickets to increase their chances of getting the item they wanted.

The whole event raised $465.87!

Thank you Eyes Wide Open!


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