I don’t need a will, because …

“It’s fine with me if a large part of my property is distributed under state ‘intestacy’ law. After all, those legislators are smart people who surely know what’s best for my estate.”

“I know a will can save taxes for my family, but the government needs money, too.”

“Money is tight; I’d rather not spend anything on a will – even though the modest cost could avoid later confusion, conflict and expense for my family.”

All satire aside, more than half of all Americans never get around to making a will, undoubtedly because they haven’t given much thought to the consequences discussed above. Clearly, every adult should have a thoughtful, up–to–date will. A will also enables you to continue your support for the organizations that are important in your life, such as the American Red Cross.  Contact our gift planning officer for more information on estate planning, including how to arrange a satisfying bequest for our Red Cross future.

Bobbi Larson, Southwest Florida Chapter (800) 446-3771  or Bobbi. Larson@redcross.org


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