CPR/AED Instructor Training Class

Editor’s note: Red Cross youth volunteer Samantha Gonzalez sat it on a training course designed to certify new Red Cross instructors in CPR/AED and First Aid skills. Here were her observations:

Jose Prado, Jimmy Singletary, Jeff Daly and Laura Philbe doing CPR compressions on the mannequins. CPR instructor Manny Perez right behind them.

Four candidates at the American Red Cross Lee County Chapter are arduously working towards being selected to hold the prestigious title of CPR Instructor, earned only by a select few. They have been putting in countless hours, straining themselves and undergoing the fierce “constructive” criticism of their peers who are striving towards a common goal. Their instructors, Jodie Boisvert and Aimee Dunn, have been kindly but firmly setting them up for success with plenty of patience and understanding and providing their extensive knowledge. However, this doesn’t mean that the pressure from their part isn’t on. They have been asked to teach the rest of the class about topics that have already been learned. Their tone of voice, presence, knowledge of topic and confidence are being evaluated and it will soon be determined whether they are deserving of the mighty instructor badge.

The classes have a requirement of twelve hours and thirty minutes and the cost is five hundred dollars. They will next be held in the American Red Cross Collier Chapter in Naples, Florida and they are given on a monthly basis. They will be helpful to anybody who is looking to be CPR certified. For more information go to www.gulfcoastredcross.org and click on the “take a class” tab.

-Samantha Gonzalez


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