Volunteer of the Year Bios

ImageAnn Boehm-was one of two volunteers selected as “Volunteer of the Year” from Lee County. Her knowledge of all things Red Cross and her willingness to help everyone makes her extremely popular and well liked. Ann was born and raised in New Jersey.  She and her husband, Frank, took early retirements in 2001 and moved to Cape Coral to get away from snow!  Ann and Frank met in college at Seton Hall and will celebrate 37 years of marriage this August.

Ann worked for Warner- Lambert/ Pfizer for 20 years– various financial/customer service positions.  She was promoted to Project Director and was responsible for the merger of Warner-Lambert and Pfizer’s customer and financial services.  Her responsibilities entailed closing the two facilities and ensuring that transfer of services was seamless to their customers.  She fought hard for the rights of all the displaced colleagues; and, as a result, they were proud to leave a commitment of excellent customer service as their legacy.

In 2007 she and Frank joined the American Red Cross, Florida’s Southern Gulf Region.  She served two terms with AmeriCorps as Disaster Education/Outreach focusing on at risk population.  She and Frank both volunteered for the Lee Memorial Military Support Group preparing local soldiers for deployment.  She said it is a very humbling experience working with families who are giving so much for our country.  In addition, she volunteers with Red Cross friends to cook at Ronald McDonald House.

Funny thing that happened to her:   When she was working for Warner-Lambert in the 1990’s she traveled a great deal…  One wintry day she was “running” through Newark airport with a tall male business colleague.  She was in heels, a heavy winter coat, lugging her carry-on, laptop and briefcase stuffed with presentation material.  She was breathless trying to keep up with him (he was only carrying a light a carry on) and doing a mad dash to the gate.  All of sudden she heard someone shouting “girlfriend what is wrong with this picture”?  She looked up and there was Richard Simmons in his purple striped gym shorts, tank top and full head of hair standing in front of her.  He points to her colleague and said “you, grab this briefcase.”  People gathered all around them; he gave her a big hug and off he went!   Thus, she said whenever she is in the Newark airport hurrying to the gate; she can’t help but think of Richard!


ImageAl Goodall— was born in Massachusetts and moved to Miami at the age of five where he grew up.  Al joined the Navy during the Vietnam War and served four years (three tours) on the U.S. Ticonderoga.  After that he went to college and graduated from Florida International University.  Al became a police officer with the Miami Dade PD, and retired after 30 years.  In addition to his police job, I served in the Air Force Reserves for 20 years and retired as a Master Sergeant.

Al is married to his wife Maggie and they moved to Naples in 2003 to be close to their five children and nine grandchildren.  He joined the Red Cross in 2007 and currently serves as the Disaster Chair for our Naples Chapter.  Maggie participates as a volunteer in some of the activities.  Al’s hobbies include swimming and boating.

Al is liked and admired for his friendliness and knowledge of the Red Cross. He was overwhelmingly voted as “Volunteer of the Year” for the Collier office. We all wish to thank Al for his good work and dedication!

ImageAlie Randlett, one of two “Volunteers of the Year” from Lee County, has been a valued volunteer with the Red Cross for over 8 years. She is admired for her great sense of humor, her dedication, and her teaching abilities with Red Cross disaster classes. As the lead instructor of the new members course “Disaster Services: An Overview” she is often the first person new volunteers meet and she always leaves them with a great appreciation of the Red Cross and eagerness to join!

Alie was born in Philadelphia, Pa., and graduated from The Philadelphia High School for Girls (great school and fond memories).  She received her Bachelor’s degree from American University, Washington, D.C., where she met her husband, Ray (who is also a Red Cross volunteer).   Alie became a lobbyist in DC for the Governors of Wisconsin, Illinois and New Jersey.  This proved to be a very exciting time in her life.  She moved on to work as a volunteer for the Arthritis Foundation in New Jersey.  It was an appropriate job for her since she had been coping with this disease since the age of 23.  She was then elected to serve on their Board and as a public speaker on Arthritis.

She and Ray came to Florida in 1996.  In 2004, she joined the Lee County ARC because they were looking for volunteers to do DAS presentations for manufactured home communities.  This volunteer assignment created opportunities for her to be an instructor for the introductory course and course on “Serving People with Disabilities”.  In addition, Ray joined her in the ARC, and they worked together as a shelter manager team.

Interesting item about them:  Ray and Alie were the first runner up in the Thrifty Car contest “Worst Honeymoon.”  Check their story out on Google!     


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