DAT Response Update – July Newsletter


Margot and Konrad Rampendahl with Donna Barineau and Kelly Capolina.

The DAT Teams were very busy the last couple of months. In just a few weeks we had 5 apartment fires and one apartment evacuation. During June DAT members responded to 20 calls which included 17 fires, including the apartment complexes and assisting 3 homes with damage from Tropical Storm Fay. We assisted over 50 people with lodging and funds for food/groceries and for clothing/shoes. There is a sweet story to tell with the apartment fire in Naples. One of the clients was from Germany and was packed and ready to fly back there the next day. She had evacuated with only the clothes on her back and her apartment was destroyed. She was very sad and upset that she had lost her Passport and travel papers, even though we had already contacted the airline and cancelled the flight for the next day. I went up to one of the firefighters and asked if there was any way they could retrieve her Passport and travel papers. She described to him where they were in the apartment, in her BR in a dresser under a mirror in the third drawer. As she was giving him directions she mentioned that all of her jewelry and watches were in the second drawer. A little while later the firefighter returned not only with the papers from the third drawer, but the entire second drawer with all of her valuables. Needless to say, we all cried and hugged the firefighter. He would not take all the credit as he said one of his buddies had gone in with him. It’s moments like these that make you want to be part of a DAT Team. If you are not a member, consider taking  The Overview, Client Casework, Damage Assessment, and if you want to be an activator-CAS, and join us on the DAT Team.

Donna Barineau

DAT/Client Casework Chair

American Red Cross

Florida’s Southern Gulf Region


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