Youth Leadership Development Camp

Calling all High Schoolers!  We have a great opportunity this summer!

Please join us for our Youth Leadership Development Camp from July 16-July 20.  For only $60 you will learn how to teach elementary aged children how to stay health by washing their hands and covering their cough, teach them how to swim with a buddy in a supervised area during the WHALE Tales Program.  Teaching these programs during the school year and the summer will give you great opportunity to gain leadership skills and volunteer hours!

You will also have a lot of fun learning how to feed from our ERV (Emergency Resonse Vehicle) and how to open a shelter! You will even learn Hands Only CPR!

Lastly, there will be an optional Babysitting Training on July 21 for $85.

You will leave this Youth Leadership Development Camp with skills you can not only use during your volunteer time at the Red Cross but leadership skills you will use throughout your academic and professional lives.

Please call 239 278 3401 for an application.

We look forward to seeing you on July 16!


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