What on earth is DAT?

“DAT” What do those initials really stand for? Most people will tell you Disaster Action Teams. I’d like to suggest an alternate way of understanding them.

D is for Dedicated. The DAT members commit to serving the community for approximately 1 week a month for 12 hours every day or night. They leave their families, meals and even their beds to respond to families in need. They agree to respond within a very short period of time anywhere in Lee county.

A is for amazing. They show up on what may be the worst day of peoples lives. They have smiles on their faces and hope in their hearts. Yes they provide financial assistance but their presence is much more than that. They let people know they are not alone. It can’t possibly describe the depth of what they provide to people who can’t figure out where they are going to stay and how they are going to take care of their families.

T is for tireless. They respond to the call and stay until it is completed. There have been occasions when they are at one call and another comes in and they go without complaint. Many do this while holding down full times jobs.

If you look in the dictionary under hero, these are the people you will see. They are husbands, wives, daughters, sons, who give of themselves for nothing in return – just for the hope of lessening someone else’s burdens.

DAT is an extremely important team and once you are involved, the rewards are endless. You make a difference in someone’s life. What more can you ask for? If anyone is interested in becoming a DAT member you can call the Chapter or me directly. I would be honored to work with you. We are special.


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