Note from the Disaster Chair, Charlene Sharples

Happy New Year to all of our great volunteers!!

You work so hard and do so much!

I know you wonder sometimes – if anyone really appreciates the efforts you make on all those uphill climbs. Day in and day out you make the world a better place to be. You always do so much to make sure that people’s lives are easier and filled with happiness. You’re a special person who deserves more thanks than this could ever say, you’re appreciated so much.

Airport Drill

There will be a full-scale drill at RSW Airport on October 23rd. If you are interested in participating in the drill contact me; I am starting lists of those volunteers who would like to participate in the drill. We will need to fill positions in the following: Child Care Center (run by the Red Cross); Emergency Responder rehab, and as victims.

Volunteer Hours

If you haven’t already done so, Please, Please, Please turn in you volunteer hours for 2011. It is very important not only for awards but some of our financial help is based on volunteer hours. The hours can either be dropped off at the office in Staffing or Emailed to

Health Status Report

It is extremely important that you update your Health Status Report for 2012. When your current status form expires NHQ will archive you. We do not have a choice in this. So don’t let the time slide by before returning your Health Status Report to the office. Once your records are archived, it is extremely difficult to get your records back to active status.


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