News from the Armed Forces Coordinator, Jeremy Gentile

Service to the Armed Forces:

We are currently reaching out to Veterans Organizations and Military Recruiters in Lee and Collier County and are offering new services to veterans in our community.

We also have a Veteran Family support group, once a month—Second Thursday at Perkins Family Restaurant meeting room 12300 S Cleveland Ave Ft. Myers. Pass this on to any Returning Veterans or Family members that you may know.

The Veteran Family Support Group informs and mentor service personnel and their related families. Guest speakers connected with organizations such as the VA Clinic, Vet Center and the Local Police Force are often scheduled.

Through this discourse, new contacts are established and necessary aide is offered in an attempt to benefit Veterans and Family members.

Last year we started a mentoring program as of January we have helped over 60 Veterans. We are always looking for new Volunteers to help our returning Heroes.

Mentoring program:

1. Conducts Intake in-depth look into what the Veteran or Active Duty client’s needs are.

2. Provides referrals to other originations examples VA, Vet Center, American Legion

3. FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS: Establishing a sound program in regards to an individual’s financial needs. Performing a budgeting program as to current billing and related income. Then resolving issues and formatting solutions.

4. OUTREACH: Contacting veterans and their families. Informing as to benefits they are eligible to obtain. Providing necessary knowledge of programs that assist from all facets to include medical, financial, educational, and well being.

5. Our mission is to help supply our current Veterans and returning Active duty personnel and their families with the resources, contacts, and means to adjust and succeed in civilian life back home.


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