Heroes among us

“In times of upheaval, there are heroes among us. Their presence comforts us, even if we don’t know their names. They inspire us by fighting for their lives or by risking their lives for a greater good.”

The quote above,written by Vera H-C Chan, introduces an online story that we found truly inspiring: Yahoo! 2011 Year in Review — Heroic Acts. As many people do this time of year, Yahoo! took a look back at these past 12 months and listed their Top 10 Heroic Acts.

Clicking through the story, you’ll be reminded of the tales this past year that caught the nation’s and the world’s attention. Check out the article, and you’ll see why we were quite excited to see the No. 4 Hero of 2011… Red Cross Volunteers.

The article’s story of Mike Meyer – a Red Cross volunteer who went on a disaster relief deployment  several times this past year – is one shared by many. Across our Palm Beaches-Treasure Coast Region alone we had almost 100 volunteers go out around the country to help when tornadoes, hurricanes and wildfires tore through the land.

We love letting our volunteers know how much we appreciate them, and were excited to see this article highlight their great work.


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