What’s your #perfectgift this holiday season?

Earlier this week, Craig Newmark (of craigslist and craigconnects fame) celebrated his birthday with a somewhat different approach to gifting – he kicked off a conversation on Twitter on what the perfect gift would be, promising to donate $1 per response to the Red Cross, up to $10,000.

Results from our recent Holiday Giving poll have suggested that most Americans (68% of those surveyed) believe that because of the economy, it’s important to give something to charity. What a telling statistic. With so much variety out there in terms of what people are passionate about and what cause they would like to contribute to if they could, imagine how many lives could be changed. We’re excited to read your tweets in response, and have been inspired by the replies thus far!

And if your perfect gift is giving comfort, help, or hope to someone in need, you can check out our Holiday Giving Catalog for a bunch of options through the Red Cross.

Thanks, Craig, for committing to helping us help others- we’re humbled by your support and looking forward to being a part of the conversation!

Weigh in on Twitter – what is your idea of a #perfectgift?


Adapted from the American Red Cross blog, posted by Gloria Huang

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