Cyber Monday: Give Something That Means Something

Around here we like to keep up to date on our fellow Red Cross chapters and regions across the county, and today we came across a post on the Nebraska/SW Iowa Region Blog that we wanted to pass along to you.

By: Dan Mackevicius, Communications Intern for the Nebraska/SW Iowa Region

So you fought the crowds at Black Friday.  You made it out of the store loaded with gifts for friends and family: a video game and a Nerf gun for Jimmy, a new doll house and Polly Pocket for Jenny, a fluffy scarf and new purse for Mom, a drill and tie for Dad, and a Chia Pet for Aunt Sue under the auspice of a “gag gift”.  Heck, maybe you got yourself a Snuggie just to see what all the hype was about.  Now you have all that stuff to wrap, all that stuff to lug around, all that stuff to hide.  All that stuff.  Now that you’re at work, Cyber Monday is staring you in the face.

Every day we are surrounded by messages to “buy this” and “buy that”.  This is especially true around the holidays, at one time a moment set aside to be around family and friends, which have since been turned into a materialistic free-for-all where giving is expected and expected to be reciprocated.  Doesn’t this cheapen the act of giving?  How can we turn this around?

The American Red Cross may have a solution for you.  Instead of giving something to someone, give something for someone.  If you visit you will find gifts that you can donate in the name of someone on your list that will go towards helping someone else somewhere.  You can purchase phone cards for military members to let them call home during the holidays.  There are many different care packages for disaster victims both at home and abroad.  You can even save kids’ lives by covering the cost of their vaccinations.  And there is so much more you can do.

This Cyber Monday, point your browser towards our website. The Red Cross makes donating very easy for you.  Everything that we offer is spelled out simply and clearly on the website. We will even send you a greeting card so you can send the people you donated for a heads up of your gift.  On top of that, the Red Cross will also send you free gifts for donating (like you need more stuff, right?).  And here’s the best part: you’re doing something that matters. You’re helping someone that needs it.  You can give something that means something.  And doesn’t that feel good?


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