Update from Heidi Ruster, Regional CEO – Nov/Dec Volunteer Newsletter

Where are we now?

Heidi mug

These last two years have definitely been a whirlwind of change for our region and the full American Red Cross organization. Our organization is in a strong position for the future due to the hard work of our volunteer and paid staff and our leadership. We needed to make a series of significant changes to increase our financial stability and strengthen our mission for future generations. Your patience, flexibility and “can do” attitude truly allows our region to realize our goals and serve our communities most effectively- thank you!

Recently, a Division (Fl, Ga, Al) meeting was held. We discussed as follows:

Core functions a American Red Cross Chapter/Region

Face of the Red Cross in the Community  

Our community sees our volunteers and staff in a variety of capacities in our community.  It is very important that we represent our organization with one voice and with  clarity and integrity with continuous reference to our fundamental principles of humanity, independence, neutrality, impartiality, voluntary service,  unity and universality.


Information throughout this newsletter refers to the incredible work of our Red Cross  family in our communities-in relation to the items below.

Community Preparedness/response/resilience

Service to Armed Forces and Families & International

Volunteer & Youth Management


Raising revenue for our activities is definitely a priority of our region and we can’t do it without our communities support in a variety of methods.   The methods include Direct mail fundraising, special events, major gifts/Tiffany Circle, Planned Giving(Bequests, estate gifts, etc), grants, corporate support, clothing donation, etc).  If you are interested in further supporting these efforts- please let Heidi, Julie or Mary Frank know.

Chapter support resources

As chapters/region we can truly focus on the above issues since the American Red Cross has consolidated functions that are not core to the chapter, and can be managed more efficiently by centralizing Finance, marketing, human resources, and information technology

–      Frees up Chapter Staff, Volunteers and Board Time to Focus on Mission and Fund-raising.

–      Reduces Costs By Eliminating Duplicate Management and Administration

–      Provide Stronger Support for Revenue Producing Functions

  • Consolidate Health & Safety Services to Reduce Overhead and Manage Sales and Delivery More Effectively
  • More Consistent Fundraising Model; Add Professional Resources to Each Division; Create Consistent “Funnel management”, Tracking and Reporting

Happy Holidays to all!

Please consider a financial gift to the Red Cross directly or through a gift to others in our Holiday Giving catalog.  We have catalogs at the chapters or you can access the catalog on line at:  http://www. redcross.org/gifts.


 – Heidi Ruster, Regional CEO

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