Readying for Hurricane Rina

With the recent fall-like weather, we know many people have begun switching gears and thinking about the cooler season to come…but as Hurricane Rina’s recent development has reminded us — now is not the time to drop our guard about Hurricane Season.

The projected 5-day path of Hurricane Rina, as of 11 a.m. on October 25, 2011. NOTE for the most updated information and warnings please go to

While it may seem that the peak of Hurricane season has past, the danger of storms remains for weeks to come. Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30 so don’t place your Hurricane Preparedness Kit in storage just yet. (What’s that? You don’t have one yet? Well then now is the perfect time to get one together!)

Likewise, we encourage everyone to dust off their emergency plans and review the actions you and your family will take should you need to evacuate. Whether Rina veers our way or not, having an emergency plan is a great preparedness idea for any emergency. It is never a waste of time to make sure you remain ready to respond.

And even though the latest tracks for Rina seem to have it veering south of Florida, the projected models still have a bit of uncertainty so make sure you stay informed about the latest watches and warnings.

For more information on how you can remain ready for Rina, check out


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