Newsletter – Disaster Services – Collier

Volunteers needed to help with projects here at the chapter.

We are looking for folks to help with health fairs

1. United  Way Walk

2. Poinciana Village

3. Fire Prevention

4. Child Safety Day

5.Columbus Day Parade

6. K- Mart Two day Safety Day

7. Costco Event

8. Red Walk 2011

9. Swamp Buggy

10. Annual Open House Halloween Costume Party

Preparing Health Fair Care Boxes.


If you would like to help out on any of these Events please call  The chapter or Ron  and Priscilla Tougas 239-566-7290.


Disaster Action Teams:


Looking for volunteers to help respond to family house fire and other Disasters.

Day time Teams or evening teams. Disaster Training is free.


Please Call Donna Barineau at the chapter 239-596-6868 Ext 33


Disaster Services :

Looking for Leadership volunteers to work on disaster preparedness and responds.


Fund Raising Events

To Be out in the community to help raise money for the disaster.


Public Affairs:

To be a spokes person for the chapter to help get the word out to the community with information from Disaster to Health and Safety Classes.


Front desk folks:

To help answer the chapter phone and meet and greet folks who visit the chapter.


New Event :

We are starting a pot luck dinner here at the chapter. We would like to do this every other month. If anyone is in tested in taking on this role please let us know.


A new Program

ESF -15 (Emergency Support Function) We are looking for a group to help with setting up Disaster respond team to be at the EOC ( Emergency Operation Center) at the time of an Event to help with Volunteers without the county who would like to help in times of a Disaster.


Red Cross Club:


There are two RED Cross clubs we would like to grow that program.

This program works with High School student doing project in Collier County.


If you would like to help out or need more information please call the chapter 239-596-6868 ask for Bill Or Andy.




Andy Jerant

Disaster/Volunteer Director


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