Updates from the Field: Pennsylvania flooding

From across the Palm Beaches Treasure Coast Region, 38 local volunteers have gone out to help with the massive Red Cross relief efforts in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas where flood waters and wildfires have inundated entire communities.

Jill Masters, a local volunteer and staff member (and one of the chief updaters of this wonderful blog!), recently headed out for her 1st deployment in Hazleton, PA where the swollen Susquehanna River and its tributaries flooded many of the nearby communities. Jill sent us this photo update from her work in the field today, a heartbreaking image that shows the extensive water damage throughout the neighborhood. The “mud lines” on the dresser mark how high the waters rose inside nearby homes, a visual reminder of the devastating effects of the flood.

Photo by Jill Masters/American Red Cross

Since late august, when Hurricane Irene first made landfall, the Red Cross has been on the ground working to help those affected. To give a quick snap shot of the type of help the Red Cross is providing we’ve complied the following update:

If you would like to help the Red Cross meet the needs of those recovering from the floods and wildfires, you can support us by volunteering or donating. Either way, check out www.redcross.org to find more!

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