How to help those hit by Hurricane Irene

Steve Bayer, a Red Cross volunteer from our region here in Florida, went to New York to help with the American Red Cross relief operations both before and after Hurricane Irene’s landfall. And although his deployment has come to an end, there are still more than 5,000 volunteers, including 29 volunteers from our Palm Beaches – Treasure Coast Region, who are along the East Coast bringing food, shelter and relief supplies the communities affected by the storm.  Steve sent us the following story, which we thought was a pretty moving  and selfless request from one woman whose town was destroyed by Irene:

After arriving home from a deployment in New York State for the Hurricane Irene response, I was talking with Barbara, one of my neighbors here  in Palm Beach County. Barbara told me she was concerned, because she had not  heard from her adult daughter who lives in Vermont (one of the states hit hardest by Irene’s rain and flood waters) in five days.  Fortunately, Barbara’s daughter was finally able to call her parents late the next day with the news that she and her family were okay. The flood waters missed Barbara’s daughter’s home, but still knocked out their power for almost a week.

Barbara told me how she then asked her daughter if there was anything she could do to help…and the daughter’s only request was to ask her mom to make a donation to the American Red Cross, in order to help all of her neighbors who had suffered so much damage.

We were humbled to hear this story from Steve. Even though Barbara’s daughter was impacted by Irene too, her thoughts first went to those around her in greater need. But for all of those hit by the storm — from those like Barbara’s daughter who are without power and unable to store or cook food, to those who have sadly lost everything in the flood waters — the American Red Cross is on scene, meeting every need.

And as Barbara’s daughter pointed out, donating to the American Red Cross is one way you can help those impacted by Hurricane Irene and other disasters. It is through the support of our generous donors that we are able to be there in the greatest hour of need. If you are interested in donating you can go online to, call by phone 1-800-RED-CROSS or text the word “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

The American Red Cross is bringing food and relief supplies to communities along the coast hit by Hurricane Irene. This vehicle brings food to the people of Prattsville, NY whose town was flooded. Photo by Red Cross Volunteer Marvin Fonseca. 



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