Decipher the code: BRCR this NPM

As the Red Cross remains actively working across the East Coast, helping those affected by Hurricane Irene, we are also launching into National Preparedness Month during the month of September. We know preparedness might not always seem like the most fun thing to do with your free time — even though you might recognize it’s vital importance — which is why we thought we’d share some of the cutting-edge/hip/cool/techie resources with you today as a motivational tool to kick off the month.

To begin with, we wanted to share this PSA video about the importance of a Disaster Preparedness Kit, made by (a national public service advertising campaign, with the goal of educating and empowering people to prepare for and respond to emergencies… hmm, sounds familiar? It should! Their goal just so happens to closely align with our mission of “preventing, preparing for and responding to emergencies.” Great minds must think alike.)


Next we wanted to share with you the “Be Red Cross Ready” toolkit to guide you through the 3 simple steps everyone should take to be prepared: Get a Kit. Make a Plan. Be Informed. We recommend checking out “Create Your Own Kit'” console before playing the “Prepare 4 Game”.

We’ll be bringing you more ways to help you and your family be prepared in the weeks to come so stay tuned.

Don’t want to wait for us to tell you what other tools are out there? Find out for yourself by going to And to decipher the blog post title, “Be Red Cross Ready this National Preparedness Month”. Brownie points to all of those who cracked it on their own!


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