Hurricane Irene: Road to Recovery

Many towns — like this one in Prattsville, NY — were destroyed by flood waters and high winds. The Red Cross is providing food, shelter and supplies to all those affected by Irene. Click on the image to see more photos taken by Red Cross volunteers stationed across the East Coast and helping with the response. (Photo by Red Cross Volunteer Marvin Fonseca).

The winds may have quieted down and the rainstorms may have trickled out, but for many people along the East Coast the wrath of Hurricane Irene can still be felt. Communities from North Carolina to New England are suffering from significant flooding, wind damage and widespread power outages as a result of the storm’s path this past weekend. But in each of the communities the American Red Cross is on the ground, working to provide shelter, food and other vital assistance as people begin the long road to recovery.

Gail McGovern, the Red Cross president and CEO put it best when she said, “The storm may be over, but our work is far from done. The Red Cross disaster relief operation will continue for several weeks.”

Here are some quick facts about how we have been (and will continue) helping people in the weeks to come:

  • Since Friday, the Red Cross has provided more than 52,000 overnight shelter stays for those affected by Irene
  • More than 2,700 people were still in Red Cross shelters on Monday night
  • Many people have returned home, finding their houses damaged or destroyed
  • The Red Cross has 260 mobile feeding vehicles in states hit by the storm and is distributing food to neighborhoods where people are returning home, and in many cases, still without power
  • The Red Cross is helping people recover by distributing thousands of supplies such as tarps, rakes, shovels, trash bags and buckets

Our information sheet, “Returning Home After a Hurricane or Flood”, can help keep you safe after the storm. And as with every time the Red Cross helps, all of our assistance is FREE.

The footprint of destruction that Irene left is massive, but your donations enable us to help people take those first steps on the path of recovery. If you would like to donate to our Disaster Relief Fund please call, click or text today.

Call: 1-800-RED-CROSS
Text: “Red Cross” to 90999 to make a $10 donation


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