Red Cross representatives in your community

The American Red Cross is active in our community in more ways than one.  Aside from offering a  variety of training courses and disaster services, the Red Cross is constantly involved in disaster education events throughout our community, to help us lead happier and safer lives.

Last week, I attended my first event as a volunteer at a local community fair in Jupiter, FL.  Together with two other women, I sat at a table where we handed out informational pamphlets and chatted with people about emergency and disaster preparedness.

The event was a fun, rewarding experience in so many different ways. It was nice to help people and to feel like I did something for my community.  People would come to our table and ask all sorts of questions about TS Emily, emergency shelters, pet safety and much more.  It felt good to provide people with answers and information about being “Red Cross Ready” for any situation.

During the event, I also got to share a phenomenal afternoon with two magnificent fellow volunteers who were very welcoming and easy to talk to.  One of the women has been a Red Cross volunteer for 13 years, and it was very nice to chat with her and learn about her previous experiences within the organization.

It turned out to be a delightful afternoon, seeing the families as they walked about happily at the community fair, with children laughing and playing, and the dogs wagging their little tails.  Most importantly, I learned a lot about the Red Cross and was able to provide others with valuable information about emergency and disaster preparedness.

If you’d like a Red Cross representative at your next community event, or want to schedule a Red Cross speaker to talk to your group, send us your information via our handy online form. And let us know  if you’re interested in joining the Red Cross community events team…we’d love for you to join us!


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