Collier and Lee Need Red Cross “DAT” volunteers

In a typical year, the Red Cross responds to 150 single-family fires in our region. Immediate assistance is provided to these families, no matter the time of day, by well-trained community volunteers.

“DAT” members, or Disaster Action Team members, provide these services and are an integral part in how the Red Cross plays out its humanitarian mission across the southwest Florida every day.

Regionally, the Red Cross has more than 500 certified volunteers. However, there is an increasing need to strengthen the number of DAT volunteers.

“It’s the most rewarding thing you’ll likely ever do,” said Carlene Sharples, disaster chair for the Lee County Red Cross. “You’re helping people at one of the worst times in their lives.”

DAT teams work on-call in shifts. Typical shifts are 12 or 24 hours, though DAT leaders work carefully to consider individuals schedules. These volunteers must be able to work directly with people following disasters, be at least 18-years-old and have a valid driver’s license. Standard Red Cross volunteer courses are required and specialized training courses are provided for DAT members.

If you are interested in becoming a DAT volunteer for the Red Cross in Collier County, contact Andy Jerant or Donna Barineau at 239-596-6868. In Lee County, contact John Cain or Carlene Sharples at 239-278-3401.


Lee County Red Cross               Collier County Red Cross

7051 Cypress Terrace #110      2610 Northbrooke Plaza Drive

Fort Myers, FL 33907                 Naples, FL 34119




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