Tracking the tropics for TS Emily

While the calendar turned to August – the month known for being the height of hurricane season – our attention turned toward the south as Tropical Storm Emily popped up on weather radars.

And while the track, strength and scope of TS Emily is still to be determined (and we all keep our fingers crossed that it turns eastward to the ocean), it doesn’t mean we aren’t actively preparing.

As TS Emily bears down on the island of Haiti, the American Red Cross is working to help Haitians. The Red Cross network has pre-positioned emergency relief items around the county, and is working closely with the hundreds of thousands of earthquake survivors still living in camps. Red Cross workers have helped prepare residents for possible heavy rains and landslides by digging ditches, sandbagging hillsides, preparing evacuation routes, providing emergency first aid classes and training people about the warning systems.

Meanwhile, here in the United States the American Red Cross is closely monitoring the storm and ensuring that shelters, relief supplies and volunteers are ready to help if needed. We work on our preparedness plans all year long, making sure shelter sites and supplies are designated long before the storm approaches. And we work with our volunteers to provide refresher training courses. Just this morning, volunteers at our Martin County Chapter rehearsed the answers to common questions people ask during a storm. Now, they’ll be able to meet people’s need for information that much more quickly should the storm turn our way.

For those residents in the possible path of TS Emily, there are some things you can do to make sure you’re prepared too:

–    STAY INFORMED! Look for information and updates about the storms progress from the National Weather Service

–    GET READY! Bring anything inside that could be picked up by the wind

–    CHECK & RESTOCK! Keep your Disaster Supplies Kit filled with food, water and other items you may need during a storm.

For more information on how YOU can prepare, check out all of our resources at 


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