School is out, Babysitting is in

School is out for the summer, and if you like children and want to earn money, then babysitting is the job for you.  Whether you are already a babysitter or are interested in becoming one, our Babysitter’s Training Course has much to offer you.  From practicing how to change a baby’s diaper to learning lifesaving CPR techniques, this course will teach you the necessary skills to become an efficient, well trained babysitter.

This course is recommended for adolescents of ages 11-15 and offers a fun, interactive way to learn the methods of babysitting.  Through video instruction, hands-on activities and lively discussions our certified instructors will teach you everything you need to know about taking care of children and infants.  You will also learn about handling different types of emergencies  such as injuries, allergic reactions, asthma and much more. The course also focuses on how to draft resumes and interview for potential babysitting jobs.

The American Red Cross is a leader in babysitter’s training courses, with more than 30 years of experience training caregivers and babysitters.  Enroll now, and enjoy an engaging summer activity that teaches you valuable real-world skills.

For more information about the course, schedule or registration please visit our site.


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