TS Bert Reminds Us to Be Prepared

Florida sees more storm action than any other part of the country, and although Tropical Storm Bret will not be impacting the U.S — it is currently located north of the Bahamas — being informed and prepared for a storm is always of extreme importance.

Hurricane season lasts until the end of the November, and the time to prepare is now (if you haven’t already done so).  The after hours of a storm are truly horrid and there is nothing worse than being ill-prepared. Stocking-up on supplies and knowing what to expect can lessen the impact a storm can have on your family and household.

Storm Supplies:
-5  day supply of water and food.
– Flashlight
– Radio
– Extra Batteries
– First aid kit
– 7 day supply of medications and medical items
– Multi- purpose tool
– Sanitation and personal hygiene items
– Personal documents
– Cell Phones with chargers
– Family and Emergency Contact Information
– Extra Cash
– Emergency Blanket
– Map(s) of the area
– Baby supplies
– Pet supplies
– Tools/supplies for securing your home
– Extra set of car keys and house keys
– Extra clothing
– Rain gear
– Insect Repellent and Sunscreen
– Camera for photo damages.

A little preparation can go a long way, and in matters of safety is always better to be overly cautious.

Preparedness now, can safe lives later.  For more information on being prepared visit www.redcross.org.


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