Swimming + Safety = Fun in the Sun

Summer is finally here, which means my family and I will spend plenty of time outdoors in the pool, at the beach or doing water related activities.  During these hot summer months there is nothing more refreshing than an afternoon at the beach — soaking up the rays, dipping your toes in the sand and feeling the warm embrace of the beach breeze on your skin.  There is also nothing more delightful than watching your little ones joyfully playing in the water, building sand castles and looking for sea shells.

And while fun in the water can prove to be satisfying for everyone, it can also pose many risks, especially for the little ones.  For this reason, it is extremely important to teach children early on about water safety and swimming skills, ensuring  that their days in the water are safe ones.

In order to help you and your family have a safer  summer and teach children the skills they need to prevent water injuries, the Red Cross is now offering a variety of “Swimming and Water Safety Courses” available to everyone.

The classes will be hosted by Martin County Community Pool, located at 2801 S. Kanner Highway, Stuart, Fl 34994
Some quick facts about the water safety course:

  • Nine different classes are available
  • Swimming Classes range from beginners to Levels 1-4
  • Children as young as 6 months through 17 years of age can enroll
  • Classes will start on July 18 and last through the July 29
  • Small groups of up to 10 people participate in each class
  • Each class runs for 45 minutes and meets six times

This is your last chance to enroll your child for a low cost of only $50 per class.  The classes are a great tool in teaching your children about water safety and teaching them to swim.  They allow for children to have fun while learning a highly important skill and obtaining a full body workout.   Most importantly, the classes will make your kids confident and cautious every time they step in the water.

Your children’s safety is of the utmost importance, take advantage of this great opportunity!

For more information about the classes, schedule or a registration form  call 1-877-755-5506, and be sure to also check our more tips on staying safe around the water at the Red Cross water safety page.

Post by Ariana Erazo
Intern for the American Red Cross from Florida Atlantic University

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