Ann Boehm from Lee County RC heads to Alabama

Ann Boehm, our Lee County Red Cross Staff Relations head, has arrived in Alabama.  She is currently on her way to Tuscaloosa, the heart of the tornado devastation. While there she will meet up with Mary Wright our Emergency Response Vehicle driver. Mary is making daily runs to get the much needed supplies to the hardest hit areas.  Ron Saberton (DMH) has been sent from Memphis, Tenn. to Mississippi to help in their relief efforts.  Richard Nye in Arkansas has been put in charge of warehousing.  With that he has moved to a larger warehouse and is now doing daily shipments of supplies to the worse hit areas.  Janet Michelle is absolutely impressed with her Mental Health Chief in Mississippi. She says he is the perfect Chief for this situation.  Sharon Nowling (DMH) is deployed to Northern Mississippi and says she has a great team member from Alaska. Kathy Maloney has been appointed Site Director and is in charge of closing out the Memphis, Tenn. operation. This past week the Red Cross volunteers still in Tenn. were treated to tickets for the Bon Jovi Concert.  Guess they know how to treat Red Crossers there.  Dr. Catherine Larned (DMH) is working in Louisiana and has been doing a lot of outreach.  Our volunteers should be applauded for their great work under the most difficult situations.


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