Mass Care – Newsletter May-June

Mass Care Group Lead—Michelle Percello

Hurricane Season Begins June 1st.  As we prepare our home emergency kits and change batteries in our flashlights, we also need to be sure we are prepared as Red Cross Volunteers.  Remember our mission: To prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. I am asking everyone to do the following:  stay connected with Mass Care and the chapter; come to the monthly volunteer meetings on the first Thurs of each month at 5:30pm. Get your training completed or refresh your knowledge and consider taking classes over again.  There is so much new information in the Red Cross world, we all need the refreshers and now is the time to do it.

We have deployed over a dozen staff and volunteers to the recent disaster areas and the understanding is they will return with knowledge of their experience that will benefit all of us. Be sure to ask them about their deployment stories. I’m sure they’ll have plenty. Go to our chapter web site and click on the Blog on the right side of the page to see who is currently deployed and where they are as well as pictures taken. Thank you to those who have put their lives on hold to be of service to others in need. There will be additional opportunities to be deployed as some flood waters have not even hit the southern Mississippi areas yet. Speak to Carlene Sharples, John Cain or me for Mass Care or your Group Lead if you have an interest and are available to be deployed. Please confirm your First Aid and CPR cards are not expired. Sign up for all your classes by calling the chapter and asking for training. See below for schedules: as of today, it may be updated to include more classes if the need occurs.

May 17th – Shelter Operations – 6pm – 9pm              May 24th – Shelter Simulation – 6pm – 9pm

May 31st and June 28th – Mass Care Overview – 6pm – 9pm

June 11th – Shelter Simulation & Shelter Operations 9am-4pm                                                           Open to the public and volunteers

*Parade Update * We found an inside storage facility for the floats and they are all tucked away safely until next season. We will have planning meetings for the design etc in the fall and start working again in Dec. If you are interested in helping, just let me know and thanks so much to all of the Parade Season 2011 Volunteers!

4th of July Parade – Ft Myers Beach – we will be looking for walkers for this short parade on the beach which is great fun! We will take the ERV and the new passenger van and are inviting Collier County Red Cross to bring their ERV to the parade as well. Please sign up on the sheet located near the breezeway entrance.

Look for the “Mass Care Messenger” mail boxes located in the hallway behind the training rooms. There you can pick up info to read and keep or return it after you have read it for the next volunteer. We will put general and specific info regarding meetings, classes, sheltering, feeding, ERV’s, bulk distribution, safe & well linking, parades, special events, training etc. for your information – so YOU can stay connected to the chapter!


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