Health and Safety – Newsletter May-June

Health & Safety – Karen Prohaska

Health & Safety Services CPR & SFA courses have a new look!   New DVDs, new program materials, new format and new science.   When you renew your certifications this year you will be introduced to the new look and will get the most up-to-date advances in cardiac science. Plus, your certifications for both CPR and First Aid will be good for two years.  Check your CPR card to see when your certification expires and call Alan to schedule yourself for a class.

All Volunteers are entitled to be certified in Lay Responder CPR and First Aid – an added benefit for the service they provide.   And, just so you know, there are two other CPR programs that are available at the chapter and may be of interest to others in your community:

  • Bystander CPR (also known as Citizens CPR, Hands Only CPR, Compression Only CPR) – a

non-certification program that shows participants how to perform CPR doing chest compressions only, no rescue breaths

  • Pro-Rescue for Healthcare Providers and First Responders – two man rescue for those with a duty to act (firemen, law enforcement, medical personnel)

Please help us to make sure that others know about the American Red Cross Health & Safety classes that are offered at the chapter in addition to Lay Responder CPR.   They can either come into the chapter community courses or we can send an Instructor out to their organization.  Revenue gained from these classes and any other products help support the disaster response expenses incurred by the chapter.


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