Disaster Services – May-June Vol Newsletter Article

From the desk of the Disaster Chair – Carlene Sharples

This has been a very busy time for the entire Chapter with disasters ranging from wildfires & tornadoes to flooding.  The wildfires have not just been local.  We’ve had wildfires in Lee County, Charlotte County, Hendry County and Collier County in Florida, plus Kari Hennagin has responded to the Texas wildfires.

Jan George went to North Carolina to respond to the tornadoes.  Shortly after, North Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and SW Virginia all experienced devastating tornadoes.  As of May 2nd we had many volunteers deployed to most of the areas.  For example, Colin Downey– on his way to Missouri for flooding–was diverted to Georgia the morning after the tornadoes struck and then was sent to Alabama.  Check out his pictures and videos on our website blog.

Betty Conley (a nurse) has been assigned to Alabama and had a reporter from Wink TV (Genevieve Judge) covering her work.  Susan Boschetto (a nurse) is working in North Mississippi.  Kathy Maloney (FSI) and Robin Moore (CC) have also reported to North Mississippi.

Trudy Doramus (ER/CP) has reported to Alabama as have Cheryl & Michael Staicoff and Judy Farrell in Bulk Distribution.  Kari returned home from the Texas wildfires and was reassigned to Alabama for fundraising.  Joining her in Alabama was Sally Wade (RN).

Andrew Striker has been deployed to Northeastern Tennessee in the new position of Disaster Services Technology/RCS.  Tennessee has two different DRs going on at the same time.

We have more volunteers in the pipeline for deployment.  At this moment we have ten DROs at the same time–five floods and five tornadoes. This has been a terrible time for residents in the SE United States, but they do have our compassionate and knowledgeable volunteers to help them.  THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL THAT YOU DO.


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