Additional Lee Red Cross Volunteers head to disaster areas

When Dr. Catherine Larned (DMH) sets foot in Louisiana tomorrow, she will be the first Lee Red Cross volunteer to respond to the flooding disaster in that state.  Richard Nye (LOG/WHS) will be our first volunteer in Arkansas leaving tomorrow also. Mary Wright (ERV driver)  is also deploying tomorrow to the tornado areas of Alabama.  To date the Lee County Chapter of the American Red Cross has sent volunteers to Texas (wildfires), North Carolina (tornado), Georgia (tornado), Alabama (tornadoes), Mississippi (tornadoes and now flooding), Tennessee (tornadoes and now flooding), Arkansas (flooding) and now Louisiana  (flooding).  These volunteers have endured many hardships to help the people affected by these devastating disasters. They work 12 – 14 hour days and often get off duty to share a gym or warehouse with 100’s of other volunteers as there is no hotel/motel housing for them. They don’t complain, they just smile and do everything they can to help the next person that needs that help. Our volunteers are the greatest and everyone needs to let them know how much they are appreciated for all that they do!


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