Inspired to volunteer: when the devastation grabs a hold of your heart

The pictures and descriptions of disaster-ravaged areas can be devastating to see, as TV news, radio stations and newspapers continue their important coverage about the recent string of severe spring storms and flooding. Yet in the midst of the heartbreak, the generosity of the American people shines through as people are inspired to give of their money and support. But sometimes, like our local volunteer Leo “Nick” Ryan of Vero Beach, Florida, the knowledge of people in need inspires them to give in another way: volunteering.

Last week, Nick was sitting in the “Shelters Operations” course in Port St. Lucie, learning about how the Red Cross shelter system works, the different types of volunteers it takes to keep a shelter running smoothly, and how he could help.

Today, Nick is in Memphis, Tennessee supporting the American Red Cross shelter at the White Station Church of Christ.

As you’ll hear Nick mention in the video clip below, the recent national disasters inspired him to become involved with the Red Cross disaster relief response. Once he decided to help, it was as simple as 1) Calling his local chapter, 2) taking the free disaster training courses the Red Cross provides and 3) marking himself as “available to respond”. Now, here he is today on the front lines of our disaster relief operations.

We think it’s awesome that Nick jumped into action so quickly as a Red Cross volunteer. If you’re thinking about becoming a Red Cross volunteer, know that all of our volunteer training is free of charge and we’ll help you every step of the way. Even if being in the field isn’t quite your thing, we have plenty of other areas where you can volunteer. Why not check it out today?


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