Additional Lee Red Cross Volunteers deployed to disaster sites

On Friday, May 6th, Andrew Striker(Disaster Services Technology – CS) deployed to Greenville, TN.  Sunday, Ronald Saberton, Mental Health, is reporting to Nashville, TN.  Robin Moore (CC) has been reassigned to Meridian, MS and will be staying at the Navel Station there.  Judy Farrell (MC – BD) called in yesterday on her way back to headquarters warehousing.  She had just delivered relief supplies to a large distribution center in Ashville, AL. She noticed while there the large tractor-trailers filled with ice for nearby residents to use for food and medications.  Kathy Maloney (FSI) had been reassigned from North Mississippi to Knoxville, TN.  While driving there she stopped by to see Betty Conley (RN) in Ft. Payne, AL.  She had also seen Suzan Boschetto in Mississippi before she left and said that all was well.  Trudy Doramus (ER – LG) checked in from Headquarters in Alabama.  She has now been moved from the staff shelter to a hotel.  Believe it or not amidst all of the destruction, her husband John had been able to get flowers delivered to her for Mother’s Day.  We have additional volunteers in the pipeline for deployment.  One thing that has been a common comment from all the volunteers reporting in is that the disasters are much worse in person than what you see on TV. Our hearts go out to all of the people so severely affected by these terrible disasters.


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