My Deployment to the Tornadoes

Hello, I’m Colin Downey, Communications Coordinator for the Lee County Red Cross. I was recently deployed to the Georgia and Alabama tornadoes as an “APAT” member, or Advanced Public Affairs Team member. Under this role, my responsibilities are: 1. to conduct national media interviews about what Red Cross is doing on the ground.  2. produce content for the national Red Cross websites and blogs. 3. assure Red Cross services are being deployed effectively in the areas needed. I spent a week deployed,  splitting my time between Ringgold, GA and Rainsville, Alabama. While this was not my first national deployment, it was completely unique in many ways. The wide swath of devastation, the high number of human casualties and my close access to some of the hardest-hit areas made for a difficult experience. I’m proud of the work Red Cross is doing, but I’ll forever be sad for those affected. Below I’ve added photos and videos I took while deployed.  While you look at these pictures, please remember the many families that lost loved ones in this tragedy as well as the thousands of survivors who will need our support in the coming months. To learn more about how to help, visit or call the Lee County Red Cross at 239-278-3401.

Links to more videos I completed on deployment:


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