WPTV Telethon: Helping our friends and neighbors affected by the storms

The American Red Cross and West Palm Beach’s WPTV News Channel 5 teamed up for a telethon to support relief efforts for those affected in the Midwest and the South by the recent storms. I personally had the privilege of volunteering for this event as well as more than a dozen other volunteers who gave up their Thursday and Friday nights to help the Red Cross’ relief efforts by answering the non-stop ringing phones. Experiencing first hand and listening to all of the people wanting to support these relief efforts was extremely touching. This telethon really proved that in this time of tragedy, people want to help as much as they can. More than half of the country has been affected and people want to support the Red Cross and donate directly to the affected people.

Volunteer Patricia Movo helped to answer the non-stop phone calls during the WPTV Telethon. She also got the chance to speak to WPTV’s Jim Sackett about how the Red Cross is helping across the nation.

While answering the phones, people would give their donation as well as continuously thanking the Red Cross for being there to help and standby.  I began to tear up when a woman from the Midwest called and was very emotional while explaining that she wished that she could do more…but I assured her that every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated.

Every dollar makes a difference: $3 can provide a comfort kit, $6 can provide a blanket, $10 a hot meal. Jaquan Golston, age 4, sleeps in a Red Cross shelter in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

The Red Cross is focusing on the people affected by providing  things like ready to eat meals, water, shelter as well as emotional support. Our nation is experiencing the aftermath of so many disasters and it is great how many generous people want to help.

This telethon raised more than $127,164 for relief efforts. I was deeply moved by all of these donations and knowing that the Red Cross is working hard to support those in need at a time of need and overwhelming devastation.


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