Day 2: Local Red Cross staffer across the country in NC

4 p.m. – As Joe, Dave and the rest of the Red Cross team continue their hard work in North Carolina, we wanted to share more photos they’ve taken of the affected area:

Damage in the town of Micro, North Carolina from the tornadoes, the American Red Cross is feeding residents and workers in the area.

Damage in Micro, North Carolina.

Hundreds of disaster clean-up kits ready to go help the people of North Carolina on the road to recovery.

Joe Hansen conducts an interview from the make-shift APAT office in North Carolina. Keeping the public informed is one of the most crucial roles of the team.

10 a.m. – The Red Cross continues its disaster response across the nation, from Texas to Virginia, and our local Red Cross member – Joe Hansen – begins his second day on the ground in North Carolina. As part of the Advance Public Affair Team (APAT), Joe and his fellow team members are making sure the public stays constantly informed about how to stay safe, how the American Red Cross is responding and how to get the assistance they need.

In the video below, Joe talks a bit about the unpredictable nature of the storms, and the damage he witnessed yesterday.

Follow Joe’s fellow APAT member, Dave Schrader — from the American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter — on the Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania Blog for additional information on the ways the Red Cross is responding in North Carolina.


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