Local Red Cross staffer helping across the country in NC

5:00 p.m. –

In this video, John Berry — the shelter manager at the Heritage High School Red Cross Shelter in Wake Forest, NC — explains more about how Red Cross Shelters operate. Joe and Dave have been at the shelter all afternoon, talking with the people there, many of whom are from the Stony Brook Mobile Home Park that was hard hit by the tornadoes.

3:00 p.m. – As the team of Red Cross volunteers and staff members continued their rounds of Disaster Assessment, they encountered more of the devastation. In the video below, Mark Tempest talks a little more about what goes into the Disaster Assessment process:

Red Cross volunteer Joe Lang surveys the damage on Hayward Street, near downtown Raleigh, as part of the Disaster Assessment team.

The storm damaged many homes within the greater Raleigh area.

Red Cross damage assessment team going door to door. Red Cross volunteer Joe Lang, far left, surveys the damage to a house on Hayward Street near downtown.

Joe and Dave are currently helping at the Heritage High School Red Cross shelter in Wake Forest, NC. Check back soon for a video with the Shelter Manager there.

12:00 p.m. – Joe and Dave have been following Red Cross Disaster Assessment volunteers as they go throughout the affected area and gauge the scale of the storm’s effects. Disaster Assessment is just one of the many ways the American Red Cross responds to emergencies. Once the disaster passes and the first responders (police, firemen, EMT’s, etc) have made sure the area is safe, Red Cross volunteers will begin to assess the extent of the damage as one of the first steps in the long process of recovery.

Raleigh volunteer Mark Tempest surveys damage near downtown Raleigh

Shaw University dorm building damage. Classes at Shaw University are canceled for rest of the semester. Red Cross provided shelter to some students Saturday night.

Shaw University dorm damage. Classes are canceled for rest of the semester here.

10:45 a.m. – One of our very own Palm Beaches-Treasure Coast Red Cross team members, Joe Hansen, deployed yesterday to North Carolina to assist with the American Red Cross response to the tornadoes that raged through the state on Saturday.

“Deployment” is a term you’ll hear a lot around here during a disaster response missions. Volunteers and staff who deploy with the Red Cross will help in a variety of ways, such as driving an Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV), operating relief shelters, or distributing food and water to affected areas.  Joe will be helping with the crucial process of Public Affairs – making sure the public and the various media outlets keep constantly informed about how to stay safe, how the American Red Cross is responding, and how to get the assistance they need.

Dave Schrader, from the American Red Cross Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter, is deployed with Joe in North Carolina. To give you some visuals of what they and others in the area are encountering, below are some pictures they’ve been taking of the destruction and debris caused by the storms:

Keep checking back all day long to see updates from Joe as he works alongside Red Cross volunteers from across the country to help those affected by the devastating severe spring weather.


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