Roaring good time at Lion Country Safari

The American Red Cross Greater Palm Beach Chapter thought there was no better way to thank our amazing volunteers than to celebrate National Volunteer Week 2011 at Lion Country Safari this past Saturday, April 9.

Park gates opened at 9:30 a.m. and volunteers were able to go on a safari by foot or vehicle while checking out all of the beautiful and wild animals Lion Country Safari has to offer. Have you ever seen a parrot paint a picture? Well our volunteers did! Around lunch time Red Cross volunteers gathered in a designated area to watch a private wildlife show allowing them to get up close and personal with some animals. After some hand sanitizer was provided (after all, part of our mission is preventing emergencies from occuring!), lunch was served with hamburgers, hotdogs and of course cookies, on the menu.

To finish off the wonderful volunteer celebration, an award ceremony was conducted as a way to give special thanks to a few (of the many) cherished volunteers for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. The event allowed all of the Greater Palm Beach Chapter  volunteers to get together in a relaxed environment and have some much deserved fun. This great day was definitely a success…although we we’ll never be able to thank our volunteers enough for all that they do.

Check out the video below of Seyril Siegel, one of the Greater Palm Beach volunteers (who used to work for the UN, how cool is that?!), talking about why it is she volunteers with the American Red Cross:


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