Because our volunteers are that awesome

Even though National Volunteer Week officially runs from April 10 to April 16, we thought we’d kick off the celebrations a bit early around here. Why? Because our volunteers are that awesome, we enjoy finding ways to express our gratitude, and we know it is impossible to ever over-thank them.

This past week, the Martin County Chapter hosted a beautiful Volunteer Luncheon at the scenic Indian Riverside Park in Jensen Beach. Everyone dined on the delicious Italian food and cheered on the volunteers selected for this year’s special awards. Afterwards, everyone gathered together for this cool photo. We know not all of our volunteers are pictured, we still think it’s a great image of our Red Cross family in Martin County.

This coming weekend will be another volunteer celebration for the Greater Palm Beach Chapter at Lion Country Safari. Check back next week for pictures. We’ll be spreading out the celebrations into next month too, when the North Treasure Coast Chapter honors their volunteers.

In addition to the fun events around here, the American Red Cross Headquarters has a special 10% discount for volunteers at the until the end of April…but sorry, only volunteers get the Promo Code. If that thought makes you as sad as it makes us, don’t fret, our doors are always open to welcome anyone who wants to join us!

The American Red Cross recently conducted a national volunteer survey, asking people what motivated them to join the Red Cross. The No. 1 reason was “wanting to help people”, and “seeing the Red Cross as an opportunity to make a difference” came in close behind at No. 2. We couldn’t agree more…Our volunteers do help us to make a difference, every day as we help families, our communities and our neighborhoods prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Next week we’ll be bringing you clips of our volunteers as they answer the question, “Why I am a Red Cross Volunteer”. The answers are personal, moving and inspiring.


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