Mass Care Newsletter Update March-April

Mass Care


First I would like to tell you about Parade Season 2011. I am so grateful to all the volunteers who helped in the construction, decoration and parade participation. The large float, “Reaching Out To The Community” and the small one was incredible with the “Learn CPR” theme.  Scrubby Bear walked the parade route and was so animated!  Nate Chase did a great job and the kids just loved him!  Scrubby’s sign follows him around and reads “to call the Red Cross to have Scrubby Bear make a personal appearance at your function.”  Thanks to all who marched, walked, carried, rode or drove or shuttled for the parade!  What a great turn out!

A special recognition goes to the following businesses that supported the floats with donated funds or materials.  PLEASE patronize these businesses:  Fire Service for being our first ever corporate sponsor–thank you Fire Service; Sunshine Ace Hardware; Sunbelt Rentals on Metro; Sam Galloway Ford for loaning us two trucks to tow the floats,  Arthur Doyle for aluminum donations and fabrications; Windstorm Mitigation & Rickelman Construction for the use of the trailer, and Tom Lee for his outstanding help and use of his small trailer.

The floats were constructed with over 600 volunteer hours this year alone.  I would like to recognize a few key people and especially thank them.  Special Kudos to Dave Bobel, who dedicated the most hours and to Tom Lee, George Krumenaker, Bob and Sandy Capp,  Ed McHale and Lou Martinez who each devoted over 30 hours.  Also, thanks to Budd Waters, Nate Chase, Roberto Colone, Kyle Billheimer, Mina Bobel and others who gave of their time and talents to create the award winning float for the Edison Festival of Light Grand Parade in “Most Outstanding” category!  Congratulations to the entire team! Next season maybe you’d like to help us too. There are so many different jobs to do – many hands make light work. J

The next parade is the Shrimp Festival Parade on Ft Myers Beach. It’s an early day – and we’ll be done by noon. We would like the entire chapter to try to be there so please join us and sign up soon! The floats are an amazing way to let us be out there and be seen in the community. **IMPORTANT** we are in need of a storage facility for the floats. They break down to a much smaller size so please be on the lookout for a space and ask around for a storage location. We have to get them inside somewhere before hurricane season.

Mass Care News

I am actively looking for volunteers to become leaders in some of the Activity positions of Mass Care.  I would like to know if you are interested.  If you are Mass Care Trained, or would like to be, please call me or Alan Stafford with questions about classes.

SAVE THE DATE – Mass Care Quarterly Meeting is Wed. April 13th at 6pm

Thanks to a great team and let’s stay connected with the chapter!

Michelle Percello – Mass Care Lead


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