Financial Development Newsletter Update – March/April

As you all realize, in order to provide the incredible prevention, preparedness and response services for Lee County, we need to raise just over $1.1 million per year.  We try to diversify funding sources as much as possible to ensure continuous stability.  The last year has been challenging but we are trying to identify ways to lessen expenses and create more efficiency, such as increased Regional activity.

The following is budgeted (FY11- July to June) methods in which we do fundraising, and we would greatly appreciate your consideration of volunteer or financial support.  This can be done by you or through others/organizations who are able to donate:

United Way – 13%-$140,000 — to specifically support Disaster and Service to Armed Forces

Fundraisers – 12% – $120,000

StarStruck is our signature fundraiser (5th year) and was just a wonderful success on March 19, 2011 at the Hyatt Coconut.  We had the incredible finance/dance support of celebrity dancers:  Marty Howard (Bonita Springs community volunteer), Christin Collins (Lee Memorial Foundation),   Nancy McGovern (Lee Memorial Health System Board Member), Elizabeth Fox (Plastic Surgeon), and Pason Gaddis (Publisher – Florida Weekly).   Thanks to all the incredible volunteers who made this happen and special thanks to the co-chairs Rita Keltner and Sandra Weintraub.                                                                                                                                                                 Quest – “Amazing Race like” event in October.  This event will not be repeated, and we are in the process of determining another event or enhancing current events.                                                                                                                   Third Party Event:  Events that community, organizations, businesses do for us and we are the beneficiary:

Major Donor Support – 18% -$210, 000

This involves our individual and corporate relationships with Donors who generously give us more than $1,000 per year.  We send out 2-3 mailings each year to current and potential donors at this level and work with them individually.   Additionally, we run a Heroes Campaign that started Feb. 10 and ends on March 31, 2011 for individuals/corporations to pledge $,1000+ in person or through our website.  Our Lee County Sheriff Scott has generously served as chair and gave over $10,000 in support of Heroes.

Tiffany Circle– Special Women’s Philanthropy Group who gave $10,000 to the American Red Cross.

Legacies and Bequests–10% -$113,000 and additional to support reserves and capital needs.

This is an opportunity for individual(s) to provide planned gifts before or after they pass away.  This can be done through a variety of vehicles:  Charitable Gift Annuities; Bequests; Stocks and others.   We do a Legacy event every year in October to recognize a Planned Giving Professional who has gone above and beyond to enhance philanthropy through these methods.

In Kind Contributions — 5% – $35,000

Items, like materials for the building out of our current office were directly donated to us.

Online Gifts and Thrift Center Income -11% – 119,000

Gifts provided through our website or e-mail direct mail pieces.  Family Thrift Center- new endeavor to get donations as a result of items donated to the Family Thrift Center.

Grants:  15%   $132,000

AmeriCorps funding, and grants provided through entities like the Southwest Florida Community Foundation, Foulds Foundation and Gulf Harbour Foundation fund.  These are restricted items like Armed Forces staff, AmeriCorps member, preparedness, and items like our new van and computer/furniture items.

Direct Mail   – 12%- $115,000

Gifts given as a result of mail solicitations or through general giving.  Donations are less the $1000 each.

Health and Safety resale, rentals and course fees:  15% – $117,000

This is the only service that brings in direct revenue for many of their programs and resale items.

We are trying to reach these budgeted amounts, but are having challenges with Major Donors and Direct Mail this year.  Please let Heidi or Kari know if you have any questions and thanks so much for your support!!!







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